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Based on Hector Abad Faciolince’s cult novel, film portrays the life of Héctor Abad Gómez, a prominent doctor and human rights activist in the polarized, violent Medellin of the 70s. A family man worried not only for his own children but those of the underprivileged classes as well, his home was imbued with vitality and creativity, the result of an education based on tolerance and love. Nothing could foretell that a terrible cancer would take the life of one of his beloved daughters. Driven by sadness and rage, Héctor devoted himself to the social and political causes of the time. But Medellin’s intolerant society would harass him until he was finally silenced. This is an intimate story seen through the eyes of his only son, Héctor Abad Faciolince, one of the most outstanding writers in modern Spanish-language literature.

Kolumbija Colombia, 2020
Istorijski / History
Fernando Trueba
David Trueba
Javier Cámara, Nicolás Reyes Cano, Patricia Tamayo, Juan Pablo Urrego, Laura Londoño, Maria Tereza Barreto, Elizabeth Minotta
2020 – San Sebastijan / San Sebastián International Film Festival
Sergio Iván Castaño
Marta Velasco
Zbigniew Preisner
Dago García
Dago Garcia Producciones, Caracol Televisión
2020 El olvido que seremos / Forgotten We'll Be / Bićemo zaboravljeni
2016 La reina de España / The Queen of Spain / Kraljica Španije
2012 The Artist and the Model
2010 Chico and Rita / Čiko i Rita
2009 El baile de la victoria / The Dancer and the Thief / Plesačica i lopov
2003 Blanco y negro
2002 El embrujo de Shanghai / The Shanghai Spell
2000 Calle 54 / 54. ulica
1998 La niña de tus ojos / The Girl of Your Dreams / Devojka tvojih snova
1996 Two Much / Dvoje suvišnih
1992 Belle Epoque / Zlatno doba
1989 El sueño del mono loco / The Mad Monkey
1986 El año de las luces / The Year of Awakening / Doba buđenja
1985 Sé infiel y no mires con quién / Be Wanton and Tread No Shame
1984 Sal gorda / Rock Salt
1980 Ópera prima / Opera Prima
2021 - Goja za najbolji iberoamerički film / Goya for Best Iberoamerican Film


16. May

Time: 16:30
Price: 400 RSD
Kombank dvorana, Hall 1

16. May

Time: 19:00
Price: 400 RSD
Dom omladine


Fernando Trueba (1955), is a Spanish screenwriter, film director and producer. Trueba’s breakthrough came with a bang. His debut feature, Ópera prima (1980) won the AGIS Award at the Venice Film Festival. Six years later he would return with Year of Enlightment (1986) which won him the Silver Bear in Berlin. The Mad Monkey (1989) was a major hit winning 6 Goyas, including for best film and best director. Fernando Trueba became a world recognized figure with the release of his most significant hit Belle Epoque (1992). The film won over 20 awards worldwide, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In 1998 he also scored a major hit with The Girl of Your Dreams. In the following decade he has managed to conciliate his work with his love for music, in particular Latin Jazz, by dedicating himself to projects where both aspects merge together, such as in the acclaimed documentary Calle 54 (2000), The Shanghai Spell (2002), and animation feature Chico and Rita (2010). He followed that up with The Artist and the Model (2012), which gave him the Silver Seashell for best director at the San Sebastian Film Festival, and Queen of Spain (2016).


Sentimental drama from Fernando Trueba.

Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

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